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These days we are constantly surrounded with all kinds of computers and other electronic devices. People need to have various electronics to keep in touch as well as for work and leisure — that means that we all have to buy that somewhere. We’re happy to see you at — right here you can buy high-quality electronics, computer parts, mobile parts and various electronic accessories, all at great and affordable prices.


Those who work in IT, computer geeks and any of our customers in general are welcome to shop for different electronics and computer parts at Circuit Shoppe. First off, our web store can offer you a wide range of computer boards as well as wireless and other modules. In addition to that, Raspberry Pi computers are becoming increasingly popular as arguably the most affordable computer in the world, so be sure that at you can easily buy various models of Raspberry Pi along with different cases, displays, keyboards and other accessories for them. Chargers, cables, modules and adapters — whatever your electronic needs are, our online store can satisfy them!

Computers and laptops

Nowadays it’s almost impossible to do without a computer or a laptop. Different accessories and peripheral devices can drastically improve your work process and make using your computer a lot more enjoyable — that’s why Circuit Shoppe has a wide range of computer and laptop goods and accessories for you to choose from. For instance, a lot of USB devices and accessories are available at our web store, like fans, keyboards and mouses. Laptop cameras and laptop sleeves, computer cables and hubs — our assortment of electronic goods will make your head spin!

Mobile parts and accessories

We all use smartphones and different mobile devices, don’t we? Chances are you have at least one mobile device, so why not maximize its usefulness and usability? For example, you can easily purchase handy smartphone cases to protect your phone as well as personalize it; there are also different accessories for extra protection like tempered glass for using it as a cover for your smartphone’s screen. Of course, charging cables, various tablet and smaptphone holders as well as lens kits can be ordered at too.

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